Am I?

I’m a mum of three little girls as well as an everyday woman who’s always up and working on something. I’m the one that loves snuggling newborns and making crazy noises and silly faces to make your toddlers smile. I love good coffee, chocolate, and, of course, photography. I’m a dreamer, an introvert and for me, photography is a kind of escape from reality where I can get creative. I’m a detail-oriented perfectionist, which is why I also revel in the stylising process.


I began taking photos long ago but didn’t first get into family photography until our first daughter was born, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Every step forward in my photography from then onward has brought me so much joy. Plus, I know how fast children grow up and how fleeting those first moments as a new mother can be, which makes capturing them that much more important.

The fact that I can make a memory for someone that they will keep for a lifetime and then pass down from generation to generation... The fact that people have faith in me and trust me with their little ones, that’s what I appreciate the most. I’m glad to tell your stories through pictures.

My priorities


When taking photos, safety is my highest priority. I have already completed a number of foreign courses for posing babies that were led by renowned professionals in their field. Your baby’s safety will always be my first concern.

Trust during the photo session is particularly important. I’m here to get rid of any worries, answer your questions, and soothe you if the need arises. I want you to know you can always rely on me.


Taking photos is always fun. These are moments full of joy and laughter. Moments where you can relax and enjoy the spontaneity of this extraordinary experience. You’re going to have a beautiful memory for the rest of your life and enjoy yourself along the ride. I want you to feel great while you’re with me!

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